Control your Music everywhere.



  • high format support: .mp3, .aac, .wma, .m4b, .m4r, .ogg, .wav, .flac, .pls, .m3u
  • adjustable crossfading between songs
  • 10 band audio equalizer (+/-6dB) including balance (L-R)
  • automatic pause/resume when plugging/unplugging of playback devices


  • check songs every startup
  • searching new or not found songs automatically
  • create playlist and export them as .m3u file
  • search song by recording or title
  • download missing album cover or tags
  • display lyrics

Multiple Devices

  • remote control with other devices in the network
  • different client groups and rights
  • synchronization of songs
  • play songs on multiple devices simultaneously

Sharing Online

  • share equalizer settings online
  • share playlists (online) and files (network)
  • set the quality of online streams depending on your download speed
  • control by headset keys


  • visual equalizer
  • changeable design

Windows specific

  • desktop and touch design (automatically)
  • control by shortcuts

Android specific

  • homescreen widget
  • status bar access
  • usable with Android Wear