Control your Music everywhere.


Player doesn't show up?

Normally antivir will show a popup because it doesn't know the program. If this is not happening just open your antivir and search for the blocked programs, there yout should mark NoNamePlayer.exe as save.

Window warns that this program could damage your computer?

This is a save program, Windows warns every unknown program for potential damage. I'm the only developer of this project, there is no malicious code, it doesn't download malicious code and no Data is collected.

Windows asked for network access by starting the remote control?

The remote control works over the network, so the program needs access to the private network No Internet access is needed, only a direct connection to the other device. So both devices have to be in the Network but there musn't be Internet access.

Windows is not asking for network access but there is also no connection

You should run the application as administrator (rightclick on the .exe file -> "Run as Administrator").